Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Our Thinking

This is what we though about our plane making

Planes Mark 2 more photos

Plane Mark 2 more photos on PhotoPeach

Planes Mark 2

We then looked at what other designs and materials we could use to make planes that might fly. Here are our photos Planes Mark 2 on PhotoPeach

Paper planes

We looked at what materials we could use to make a plane that flies. Here are the photos Paper Planes on PhotoPeach

Skipping Ropes

We are really excited about our science topic this term. Our big question is - What could we use to make it work? We are looking at the following ideas: that materials have different properties; that we use specific materials for specific purposes; that we can investigate the best material for the purpose; that we can modify ideas as a result of an outcome; We started by looking at skipping ropes and how we could make one that worked. We decided to have a boys group and a girls group. Here are the photos