Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Readers and Writers Festival

We have had a wonderful start to our festival week. Today we had our book character parade. It was a huge success and many parents stayed to watch. Here are some of the photos. Parade Day 2015 on PhotoPeach

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Monday, 22 June 2015

Our Animal Enclosures

Today we made the most incredible animal enclosures. I am really proud of all Room 20 and the creative way the children made the enclosures. They planned the enclosures and thought about what they needed to make them.
The children looked at shelter for the animals, food, water and fun.
Here are the photos.
Look forward to the fotobabbles when the children will tell you what they did.

The tortoise enclosure by Eden and Iris

The tiger enclosure by Hafsa and Sasha

The polar bear enclosure by Rochelle and Chloe

The elephant enclosure by Andrew and Sasha

The zebra enclosure by Elisha and Logan

The lion enclosure by Moustafa and Kian

The cheetah enclosure by Tyler and Dithira

The tiger enclosure by Qian

The monkey enclosure by Sophia

The giraffe enclosure by Tiffany and Marco

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Animal Enclosures

We are finishing off our Technology unit next week. We are going to be making our animal enclosures focusing on the basic needs of an animal.
We look forward to sharing the photos of our enclosures before the excitement of the Readers and Writers Festival takes over.
Keep watching!!

Writing Excitement

We are getting quite excited about our writing. We didn't realise how many things there were to write about. Some children are writing imaginary stories and continuing the next day.

Andrew wrote, "Today I saw a rocket flying in New Zealand. Flying all around my house and it went in my house. Three red aliens came out of the rocket on eight legs and said, "Hello! We want eggs."....... to be continued.

Some children are thinking about all the possibilities for writing during our Readers and Writers Festival. We are looking forward to showing more of our work.

Thank you for all the comments

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Thursday, 11 June 2015

The Sneaky Toys

Well, would you believe it!!

The toys played in the classroom last night when we went home. Look what they got up to.

Winnie the Pooh taught the other toys at the teaching station.

Tigger did his writing.

Grandma Bear did a puzzle.

Angry Bird played with the pegs.

Dog played with the blocks.

Panda and Mag changed the maths calendar.

Cookie Monster and Blue Teddy played on the computer.

They are all back in the cave now. I expect they are tired after being up all night.

Teddy Week

This week all the children brought their teddies or other soft toys to school.

We made a bear cave and some of the toys stayed overnight.

I wonder if they will get up to anything?

Monday, 8 June 2015

All about Chocolate Moose

Hi, my name is Chocolate Moose. I live in Room 20 and today the children are going to tell you all about me.